The City of Homefront

Background Information

This campaign is going to take place pretty much entirely in a city called Homefront. It is a huge, but fairly new, city that is made up of various giant species, giantkin, and smaller folk all living together (mostly) in peace and harmony.

The city is split up into different districts with different magically-maintained temperatures/environments for different giant species. Cold/snow for Frost Giants, hot and dry for Fire Giants etc. Think SORT OF like Zootopia for a reference as to how it’s set up – but done with magic instead of technology.

The “city center” type area is where most humans and some of the giant-kin live. The giant-kin also have their own sort of separate area near the city center. Most true giants look down on giant-kin, even if they are generally okay with smaller folk such as humans, elves etc. There are other various tensions and racism between different giant species so it’s a delicate balance to keep the peace.

Throughout the city, there are raised walkways and so forth so that smaller folk can walk or sometimes ride mounts or drive wagons etc among the giants without being stepped on/kicked/etc.

The city is situated along a major river in the area, so it’s a big trade hub. There are outlying villages, farms, etc etc. Another couple of largish cities are within a day to a few days travel. There is also a very large desert not far to the east. The entire area/map is set to the east of the main map of Faerun/Forgotten Realms if anyone is familiar with that setting. A person can get there by going overland but it would take quite some time so most of Faerun is just now hearing about the area and it’s not well-known on that side of the world.

Your characters could be actually from the city or traveling through it for whatever reason. They can be from this area/map or from the main Faerun map. Once I get it cleaned up a bit, I will upload the map of this area and post it in the Discord chat. It doesn’t matter at all, i can work with anything!! Pretty much all races and classes are up for grabs, just run things by me and i can help with backgrounds and so forth if needed.


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